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Collective Beings ? (Book)


Quite like in the human brain, where billions of nerve cells are interconnected, at large scale also billions of living beings are themselves interconnected, simply through everyday contact with each other.

Do that way maybe self-contained feelings and dreams also emerge at larger scales, maybe even consciousness ?

It will not be possible to give a conclusive answer here, but things like love, telepathy, precognition of the future, goddesses and gods, the collective unconscious, the world soul, oracles, homeopathy, intelligent design, and so on, would suddenly appear in a different light and become quite a bit more amenable to natural sciences.

Carefully and accessibly exposed step by step with many illustrations by a Swiss physicist (*1966 in Zürich), with more than 30 pages about astrology, an astonishingly hard to crack nut in this world view, plus a lot of fuel for dreaming about how the world could be...




The idea of viewing people and generally living beings in compounds as a single living being may be new in this directness, but in a way this has already been implicitly present in many concepts from many epochs, like Jung's collective unconscious, Plato's world soul (anima mundi), and, of course, since primeval times in goddesses and gods.

This hints already at what this book will boil down to, a great many plausible ways how the world can be seen. But it will be astonishingly difficult to say which of these ways would have to be given how much weight exactly, so that in the end still practically all world views known today would remain, but they would also no longer be as diametrically opposed to each other as often today. In that sense, this book can maybe even make a contribution to heal the diverse splits in mental worlds since Enlightenment, like into science and other fields, for example into astronomy and astrology.

Grasping the basic idea will hopefully be almost a "no-brainer", and I hope that the explorations after that will be as fascinating to read as they were for me to explore initially. I can guarantee you that in the end practically all widespread world views—be they scientific, religious, esoteric or almost whatever—will still be present and contained in the basic idea.

Adliswil, 2 August 2019

Alain Stalder

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